The Introductions Thread!

Hello FM20,
Would love to know how’s it going mate?

Appreciate your idea of diving into STEM and I wish you good luck

Hi :wave:,
I’m a senior high school student from New Delhi, India and I want to pursue deep learning in my higher education. I spent the last 2 years studying Machine Learning having completed multiple specialisations from Google, IBM, Imperial College London and many other courses (ALL CERTIFICATES ON MY WEBSITE). Before that, I’ve worked as a Front End Developer in a leading educational startup. I’ve also worked a lot with IoT and Robotics having won multiple hackathon’s and representing my projects in the National Science Fair consecutively for 2 years. Two of my projects on Fake News Classification and Regressional Analysis of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis are currently being mentored by Intel under the AI4Youth program. I’ve been through the AI For Medicine specialisation and also been through some other courses/projects on Genomics/Prognosis/Diagnosis. I’ve worked a lot with JAX based ecosystems having multiple contributions to google/Trax and Flax. I saw the jaxchem repo on Github and was curious. The codebase looks great but it has been quite dormant lately, would love to contribute to the repository if the project is still active.

I hope to pursue my Bachelors ( Hopefully with integrated masters ) from the United Kingdom. I’ve applied and already gotten an offer from the University of Birmingham, hoping to get into University of Edinburgh as well (Fingers Crossed :crossed_fingers: )

I’m currently working on Attention and Self-Supervised Representation Learning. Currently working on BioBERT and the ML Reproducibility Challenge.

Here, are my socials if you want to connect : Twitter, Website

I initially came to know about Deepchem after I saw the Gradient Descent podcast by Weights and Biases.


Hello all. My name is Prabin Nepal and I am a machine learning engineer working on Computer Vision at a startup based in Nepal. I am interested in AI for health care (more interested in medical imaging).
I am glad to join the group. Hope to learn more from you all folks here!

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Hello to all. I am Omer. I just graduated from industrial engineering. I am working on artificial intelligence in the field of health. I love being a multidisciplinary person, interested in physics, evolution, biology, philosophy, psychology and machine learning, and write blog posts.

Glad to be joining the group!

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Hello all,
I am Trang. Currently I am working as an analyst, developing analytical models using FEM, Materials and Data Science that apply to manufacturing processes for metals, alloys.

It’s great to know DeepChem and joining the group.

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Hi All,

I’m Dr. Ella Gale and I teach and research ML and data science at the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol.

I am so grateful that someone has curated all the benchmark data and put useful chemistry models in one place. In research, I’m currently using the model and datasets to benchmark my work. And in teaching I get undergrad and postgrads to train models on data so they can learn about ML in a hands on way.


My name is Martin and I work as a research scientist in aerospace. I did a PhD in mathematics and then worked in insurance, teaching and most recently formal methods.

I have been doing ML long enough now that I have the confidence to pursue a really meaningful application domain, and that is how I landed here! Very excited about computational methods in biotech.

My first project (a “weekends” thing, as I’m working a regular job) is to create a dataset from Shulgin’s PiHKAL and TiHKAL and then to explore it. I hope that I can learn to predict something about activity, but would be satisfied with any interesting exploratory analysis and visualizations.

In the future I’d like to learn about genomics and am particularly keen on exploring inherited metabolic disorders.

Glad to be here,


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Hi everyone,

I’m Sam and I currently work as a medicinal chemist. However, I’ve become very interested in ML and want to grow into becoming a cheminformatician/data scientist.

I learned most of what I know right now by trying to copy DeepChem tutorials and now I want to build coding experience by contributing to this project. Nice to meet you all.


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Hi everyone!

I am Niklas, a physician-scientist and co-initiator of labDAO, an online community that tries to bridge the gap between compbio and wet-lab biology. We are building a web3-powered layer in which peers in the network can exchange services for eachother in return for tokens. These services can range from using deepchem to perform small molecule docking, to actually synthesizing the compounds and testing them IRL. Right now the project is still very early.

I think we all know how frustrating it can be to set up an environment to run bio-compute. Why is there no huggingface for bio - or better yet - a hosted huggingface inference service that can scale dynamically. We are trying to build one building block for this type of product within LabDAO.

Interested? - join our discord:

Best - Niklas

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Hi all,

My name is Andres and I am the cofounder of I have a background on deep learning and I am following the tutorials and reading Bharath’s book.

Despite having little background in chemistry I finished #2 in Kaggle’s competition “Predicting molecular properties” where we used transformers to predict j-couplings directly from 3d positions of small molecules (you can check the solution here

Best regards - Andres

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