Google Summer of Code 2022: D-MPNN Model Implementation for DeepChem

Hey everyone!

I am Aryan Amit Barsainyan. I will be working with DeepChem this summer as a GSoC contributor.

About me

I am a 2nd Year UG student at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India pursuing Mechanical Engineering (Major) and Information Technology (Minor). I am a Deep Learning enthusiast and enjoy working on tech that uses ML and Deep Learning for solving complex scientific problems.

I started my journey as a part of the DeepChem community in January 2022. I am happy to have found an organization where I could learn a lot about the real-world workings of ML models, especially graph-based neural networks, and I plan on contributing to DeepChem even after GSOC ends by improving the project implementation while also fixing issues and helping the community, wherever and whenever possible!

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About the Project

This project seeks to bring a new tool to the DeepChem suite for solving message passing problems based on the recent advancements in GCNs research. This project aims to implement a Directed – Message Passing Neural Network (D-MPNN) model, a graph convolution network (GCN) built upon the existing Message Passing Neural Network (MPNN) model based on the base implementation in Chemprop.

I shall be updating my progress here over the summer on a weekly basis. Stay tuned!

Project description is available here.


Extended Week 1 progress (1 June 2022 - 10 June 2022)

PR 1:

  • Files modified:
    • deepchem/feat/molecule_featurizers/
    • deepchem/feat/molecule_featurizers/
    • deepchem/feat/tests/
  • Created:
    • atom_features()
    • get_atomic_num_one_hot()
    • get_atom_chiral_tag_one_hot()
    • get_atom_mass()
    • Suitable unit tests for all the added functions

PR 2 (Draft):

  • Files modified:
    • deepchem/feat/
    • deepchem/feat/molecule_featurizers/
    • deepchem/feat/tests/
    • deepchem/feat/tests/
  • Modified:
    • bond_features() in
    • atom_features()
  • Created:
    • bond_features() in
    • map_reac_to_prod()
    • Suitable unit tests for all the added/modified functions

Issue created:

  • To address doctest warning for ndarray()

PR created to rectify the problem:

  • Files modified:
    • deepchem/feat/

Content of PR 3 in progress

  • Goal: to implement DMPNNFeaturizer class
  • Open topics to discuss:
    • Normalization of features
    • Phase features generation
    • Usage of BatchGraphData class
  • Files modified so far:
    • deepchem/feat/molecule_featurizers/

Highlights of the office-hour calls:

  • Discussion on creating PRs through a feature branch in the remote repo.
  • Discussion on using GraphData class instead of implementing new DmpnnMol and DMPNNEncoding classes.
  • Volunteering to review PRs from fellow contributors.
  • Addressed errors in CI.
  • Why switch from Keras to Pytorch?
  • Discussion to initially make DMPNN model only for non-reaction type datapoints.
  • A future scope: new base class - Reaction featurizer
  • Discussion on atomic mass normalization and lack of support in Deepchem to handle inequality targets.

New learnings this week:

  • Handling multiple branches in a repository.
  • Need for rebasing and procedure.
  • Procedure for error-free type annotation (invariance and covariance).
  • Improved the knowledge of writing proper unit tests.
  • Better practice is to lint the code before formatting.

Week 2 Progress Report

11 June 2022 - 17 June 2022

  • Bond features PR got merged.
  • Re-investigated the DMPNN paper for better understanding of the algorithm.
  • Created the DMPNN Featurizer class and the _featurize function.
  • Wrote unit tests for the featurizer class.
  • Cleared the misunderstanding about CanonicalRankAtoms() function.
  • Modified base class Molecule Featurizer.

Upcoming tasks for weekend:

  • Make changes in the Deepchem Docs and submit the PR for DMPNN featurizer.
  • Create a PR to add global features to the featurizer.
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Week 3 Progress Report

20 June 2022 - 24 June 2022

  • Earlier this week, submitted PR (6 files changed) to add DMPNN featurizer class to Deepchem with changes to base class MolecularFeaturizer.
  • Created function to generate global features.
  • Working on adding global featurizer from library ‘descriptastorus’ to deepchem.
  • Working on splitting the DMPNN featurizer PR and correcting suggested changes in OH meet.

Upcoming tasks for weekend:

  • Push the PR for only the base class modification and required changes.
  • Run dmpnn featurizer through existing datasets and create a helper function for the featurizer class.
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