Website Update Proposal

We have come up with the following proposal to update the existing DeepChem website under the guidance of Bharath Ramsundar. Kindly find the same attatched here.

The mentees for the given project are:

  1. Mehul Todi
  2. Pratik Jallan
  3. Dibyam Kumar

Kindly let us know any feedback about the proposal by leaving a comment on the document or reply on the forum itself.


I absolutely love the new design ideas (Figma and Tailwind are superb)!


The website looks colorful !

I’ve few suggestions though.

  1. In the header of the webpage where about, tutorials, forums, …, Github are present, there is no need for icons for those. It feels like an unprofessional website. For eg, take a look at pytorch and tensorflow website, they just included the names.
  2. In the homepage, we can include a more impressive picture than lines connecting dots picture. (to make the website more beautiful)

These were just my personal opinions, so don’t judge me.

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We also need to include our supporters on the homepage.
Also a page where they can donate/sponsor deepchem (it didn’t exist afaik).
Maybe blog, list of contributors too.

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Hey, thank you for the suggestions!

We have already thought of removing the icons in the implementation. Also, the picture is actually a dynamic banner with atoms moving and forming and breaking bonds.

We will also be including the contributors, sponsors for DeepChem on the homepage. We have not included that in the Figma yet. We shall consider the other ideas as well. Thanks for the suggestions again!

Ok then Good luck :slight_smile: