We want to feature your Deepchem project on Weights & Biases!

Hello everyone!

We’re looking for interesting Deepchem projects and experiments to feature in Weights & Biases’s Fully Connected community! This might be anything from fascinating DeepChem projects you’re doing at work, research from your PhD, a paper reproduction you’ve been working on, or really anything else. Essentially, we’re looking to bring more eyeballs to the work you’re doing.

If you don’t know what Weights & Biases is, here’s a quick primer: W&B is a suite of ML tools for experiment tracking, dataset versioning, and model management. We’ve also recently added some improvements to our integration with Deepchem and would love to see how the community is uses it.

If your project is using W&B and Deepchem, or you’d like to integrate W&B into your project, we would love to support you. Please feel free to reach out to me at kevin@wandb.com. We’ll also be sending out some exclusive W&B swag as a “thank you” to anyone who participates.