Spiking MoleculeNet Usage?

I’ve been hosting the MoleculeNet data on my personal AWS S3 for several years. Charges have been low for a long time (around $10/month) but recently have spiked to ~$60/month. I am trying to understand why. My theory is that perhaps a DeepChem user or company put MoleculeNet onto their CI build? There’s about 600 GB of data being downloaded per month which suggests a heavy volume of automated repeat downloads possibly.

If you are using MoleculeNet in your CI, would you please chime in on this thread so I understand your use case better? If charges continue rising, we may need to throttle downloads somehow to prevent automated repeat downloads

DeepChem CI run uses mp metallicity and perovskite dataset from molnet. mp metallicity is about 109MB in size (line in which it is used can be found here)