Pardon our Dust!

We’re currently in the middle of transitioning our AWS infrastructure (our original funding source from Stanford ran out). As a result, we will have some technical transitions happening over the next couple of weeks:

  • We’ll be migrating the forums to backup to our new S3 bucket and the forums might go down briefly as a result. We’ll tweet about this so follow the @deep_chem twitter account for more information.
  • Our security certification on the website has expired. We’re transitioning the hosting location for the website and will fix this as soon as possible.
  • If you have more questions, the chat room is a good place to ask in case the forums are down or not accessible:

On advantage of our transition is that we’ve been able to make it so all the DeepChem developers will now have access to our AWS infrastructure, so in the future, I personally won’t be a critical roadblock in case technical issues crop up. In the meanwhile though, thank you for your patience while we transition!


Tentatively, I believe that I’ve now completed transitioning our infrastructure. At this point, we shouldn’t be using the original Stanford infrastructure. I’ll keep this discussion up to track in case we have any trailing bugs in our setup to figure out