Mini Symposium on Molecular Machine Learning

Flyer_Int_Mini-Symposium_on_Molecular_Machine_Learning.pdf (89.6 KB)

Here’s a flyer for a free conference on Molecular Machine learning that looks pretty interesting. Sharing here in case any folks here are interested in attending! Note that it’s free but registration is required


Sounds interesting. But not quite interesting enough to get up before 6 am! Do you know if the talks will be available online afterward?


Not sure, but just reached out to the organizer to ask!

The symposium is 9 AM for me, so I’ll check it out! Thanks for sharing @bharath!

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Not related to Chemistry necessarily but the ML Summer School in Tübingen streams publicly its lectures. Next Wednesday Michael Bronstein has a Lecture on Geometric Learning, which might be interesting to some.

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Just created an event on my calendar. I will get up before 6! :cowboy_hat_face:

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