Loading pretrained models?

Hi all, I’m new to deepchem and this looks like a great tool! I’m wondering if deepchem supports loading pretrained models (other than the ones on huggingface). In particular, I’m looking for something similar to the get_weights function in @445 except where the weights dictionary is hosted somewhere else or something I can download.

It looks like there is some support to load pretrained models (https://deepchem.readthedocs.io/en/latest/api_reference/models.html) but I don’t see any place where people have uploaded the weights for some of the models of interest. For instance, are there pretrained weight dictionaries available for the models? I am particularly interested in models trained on the HIV dataset in MoleculeNet (https://moleculenet.org/datasets-1).

You can lood saved models by defining model_dir parameter. And then using restore() method.

Sorry for late reply.