GSoC Mentor Introductions

Starting up a thread for our GSoC mentors this year to introduce themselves :). I’ll start us off:

I’m Bharath, the lead maintainer of DeepChem. I’ll be involved with all the students we mentor for GSoC, but may be the primary or secondary mentor in different cases. For my day job, I run Deep Forest Sciences, where I work with different companies to build AI systems for deep tech applications and write the Deep into the Forest newsletter. I’m interested in making DeepChem a better tool for more people. This involves better tooling, tutorials, and more models among other things.

You can reach me at bharath@deepforestsci (add the .com) or preferably DM me on Gitter (


I’m Nathan, a PhD candidate in materials science at UPenn and a developer with DeepChem and the Materials Project at Berkeley Lab. I’m interested in mentoring students working on adding support for end-to-end differentiable workflows in DeepChem using JAX and related tools like JAX MD, JAX DFT, Haiku, or Jraph. Feel free to contact me directly at or on Twitter.

Excited to be a GSoC mentor this summer!


I’m Hani, an Assistant Professor at UCSF, Helen Diller Cancer Center and Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute. My lab is focused on basic and translational research at the intersection of computation and cancer. You can reach me at hani.goodarzi ( and on Twitter (@genophoria).

Looking forward to GSoC this summer.


I’m Peter, a software engineer in the Stanford chemistry department. My work focuses on molecular modeling and simulation. I’m particularly interested in using deep learning to predict the structure and function of proteins, and to accelerate quantum calculations.


Continuing the discussion from GSoC Mentor Introductions:

Hey, I’m Seyone! I’m currently graduating from high school this spring. Outside of school, I am a research intern in Prof. Alan Aspuru-Guzik’s lab at the University of Toronto, focusing on molecular ML, graph representation learning and natural language processing. This summer, I’m working as a computational chemistry intern at Nurix Therapeutics, working with SMDs for protein degradation and DNA-encoded libraries.

I’m primarily interested in adding support for work surrounding protein engineering and machine learning, such as UniRep and TAPE.

You can reach me at [seyonec][@][gmail][.][com] and on Twitter (@seyonec).

Looking forward to being a mentor for DeepChem’s GSoC this summer!


Howdy y’all! :cowboy_hat_face: :pray:

My name is Stanley Bishop, and I am head of data science for a company named Drift Biotech that is working on cloud-based/ML-accelerated systems for microbial genomics, with a focus on pandemic intelligence and drug discovery.

Hyper Parameter tuning is an important part of almost any robust machine learning system, and for that reason HOpt has been a particular research passion of mine across many projects.

I’m excited to be mentoring an integration of the cutting edge Ray-Tune library for HOpt for DeepChem, with a specific reach goal of integrating Hyper Band Tuning.

An honor to be part of such an incredible project, and anyone interested in learning more should reach out to me at (stanley) at (


Hello there, I’m Vignesh! I will be starting as a PhD student ETH Zurich this spring working on single-cell dynamics and their interplay with different therapeutic drugs. I was a former GSoC student with DeepChem, and an active contributor until 2019. One of main research interests is to leverage the structure in the data to build more transparent ML models, with an example application being retrosynthesis.

Feel free to contact me directly at

Excited to be a mentor for GSoC this summer!