DeepChem Updates of the last week of November, 2023

Here is a quick summary of DeepChem updates for the last week of November, including the following merged pull requests:

1. Added Links for wishlists: This PR adds links of model and tutorial wishlists to README file.
2. Update requirements.rst to current req: This PR updates the requirements.rst file to reflect the current requirements.
3. FermiNet Training Complete (Backward pass + Forward): This PR completes FermiNet training by addressing both backward pass and forward pass.
4. Mamba warning fix: This PR fixes warnings related to mamba.
5. Bump up pytorch-lightning to 2.1.2: This PR bumps up the pytorch-lightning version to 2.1.2
6. AddLinearOperator [Linear Operator Helper Class]: This PR fixes an issue related AddLinearOperator, a helper class for BaseXC.
7. Mulbasexc: This PR fixes an issue related to MulbaseXC, a helper class for BaseXC.
8. Add attention mask for chemberta: This PR fixes the chemberta model’s attribute mask issue, adds attention mask support for MLM, and adds more user arguments for Grover model
9. Wgan Porting: This PR involves the porting of WGAN from TensorFlow to PyTorch.