DeepChem Updates of October, 2023 (Week 3)

Here is a quick summary of DeepChem updates for the 3rd week of October, including the following merged pull requests:

  1. Added documentation tutorials: This PR adds a tutorial for creating documentation, introducing a new feature and modifying documents.

  2. Atomic Convolution Module with Pytorch: This PR represents the first part of porting Atomic Convolution from TensorFlow to PyTorch, a new feature addition.

  3. Attribute Utilities for EditableModule: This PR resolves an EditableModule issue and addresses tasks including main body, examples, tests and documentation modification.

  4. Correction in docs: This PR fixes the documentation for the WeaveModel.

  5. Scscore docs fixes and added References: This PR fixes documentation for the ScScore model and adds references.

  6. Doc fix on keras models: This PR resolves documentation typos in Keras Models.

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