DeepChem Updates of October, 2023 (Week 1)

Here is a quick summary of DeepChem updates for the 1st week of October, including the following merged pull requests:

1. DFT Utilities [PR-1]: This PR addresses various issues related to DFT Utilities, including bug fixes, new features, breaking changes, and documentation modifications.
2. Memory Utilities [DFT] [PR-2]: This PR fixes an issue related to memory utilities for DFT, introducing new features and document modifications.
3. Periodic table Utilities [DFT] [PR-3]: This PR adds Periodic Table Utilities for DFT, including new features and documentation modifications.
4. Revert “periodic table Utilities [DFT] [PR-3]”: This PR reverts the changes made in PR-3
5. Adding complete forward and backward pass for ferminet pretraining: This PR includes complete implementation of forward and backward pass for ferminet pretraining, fixing an associated issue.

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