DeepChem Updates of November, 2023 (Week 1)

Here is a quick summary of DeepChem updates for the 4th week of October, including the following merged pull requests:

1. Orbparams: Adds Orbital Parameter converter used in hamiltonian classes and includes documentation modifications and includes addition of a new feature.

2. Atomic Contributions bug fix: This PR Fixes an issue causing a sequence-related error when calculating atomic contributions, ensuring successful completion of the tutorial.

3. Bumping torch to 2.1.0 for CI: This PR addresses an issue by updating the torch version to 2.1.0 for CI purposes.

4. Parse Molecule Description: This PR contains a new ‘parse_moldesc’ utility function and some minor changes.

5. Spin Param and Val Grad: This PR introduces Spin Parameter and ValGrad functionality, significantly used in DFT, with documentation modifications.

6. Broadcast Utils [LinearOperator]: This PR adds Broadcast Utils for LinearOperator with documentation enhancements.

7. Mypy Fix: This PR addresses a mypy error and includes test fixes, clarifying that the function itself is error-free.