DeepChem Updates of March (Week 2), 2024

Here is a quick summary of merged pull requests for DeepChem during the second week of March:
1. Doctest Fix for SAMLoader, BAMLoader, CRAMLoader: This PR fixes Doctest error for SAMLoader, BAMLoader and CRAMLoader.
2. CI fixes: add flaky to some tests, fix deprecation warnings: This PR fixes CI failures.
3. Dft dev 4: This PR fixes DFT issues.
4. Updating deepchem’s splitters tutorial: This PR updates Splitters tutorial on DeepChem by adding description, on General and Molecular Splitters, and Fingerprint Splitter implementation for the BACE dataset.
5. port: ProgressiveMultitask Regressor and Classifier: This PR ports ProgressiveMultitask models to torch.