DeepChem Updates of March (Week 1), 2024

Here is a quick summary of merged pull requests for DeepChem during the first week of March:
1. Fix failing torch tests due to missing pydantic package: This PR fixes a failing Torch test.
2. Fix bugs on ligand handling and pdbqt ligand support: This PR fixes issues with pose_generation DeepChem’s support for Vina, specifically incorrect changes to atom names and problem in processing ligand files.
3. Pytest Fix (temporary): This PR temporarily fixes failing pytests used for testing DeepChem code.
4. Remove invalid line in This PR removes an invalid line in because HuggingFace models return output of type dict and not index.
5. Reduce import warnings: This PR reduces import warnings in DeepChem by changing how missing dependencies like pysam are reported and includes a minor update to the bace-classification documentation.
6. Added Cell counting Tutorial: This PR adds Cell Counting Tutorial to DeepChem.
7. DFT Part-3: This PR fixes issues with DFT.
8. Molgan GPU Support: This PR adds MolGan GPU support.