DeepChem Updates of January (Week 5), 2024

Here is a quick summary of merged pull requests for DeepChem during the last week of January:

1. CI Fix: This PR fixes a CI issue with the failing test_generator_rdkit_desc.
2. Dft part-2: This PR fixes an issue in DFT.
3. CI fix - MordredFeat assertion error: This PR fixes Mordred Assertion Error by updating asserted values in line with the Mordred Python package and docs.
4.Highway layer torch: This PR adds a new PyTorch layer, HighwayLayer, necessary for implementing TextCNNModel in PyTorch.
5. CI Fixes: This PR fixes PNA_gnn doctest error.
6. BBBC5 Cell Counting Loader Addition: This PR adds BBBC5 Cell Counting Loader.
7. BBBC0003 Loader Addition: This PR adds BBBC003 Loader.
8. Wgan fix: This PR fixes bugs in WGAN.