DeepChem Updates of February (Week 4), 2024

Here is a quick summary of merged pull requests for DeepChem during the last week of February:

  1. Fix examples.rst doc for better reproducibility: This PR fixes an issue with GraphConvModel by seeding randomness for reproducibility, to prevent random PR failures.
  2. Fixes - Torch Tests and CI storage: This PR resolves Torch Tests and CI storage issue, sets seed for Infomax3d tests.
  3. Update homepage glitter to discord: This PR updates homepage glitter to DeepChem discord.
  4. Porting TextCNN base model to Torch: This PR implements TextCNN model in Torch as part of PR #3828.
  5. Update: ProgresiveMultitask: This PR updates the ProgressiveMultitask base model to accept different modes (classification and regression).