Deepchem on M1 MacBook

Dear All,

I am terrible sorry if this issue has already come up but I could not find it on the forum. I am also sorry that this is not a relevant topic to post here but I am stuck.

I am trying to install deepchem via Conda on a MacBook with the M1 chipset (BigSur). I am installing deepchem into a Conda environment with python 3.7.9. The installation proceeds correctly but after I want to run ‘import deepchem’ command, the kernel dies.
The same ‘import deepchem’ command can run (deepchem: 2.3.0 with python 3.7.9) on my windows pc and I can use the package correctly and I also can use deepchem on my old iMac as well.

Does anyone might know what could be the problem?


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Ah, it’s a M1! Ok, that makes sense to me on why the kernel might die. DeepChem depends on a number of numeric packages and my understanding is that everything hasn’t been ported to work on the M1 (since the M1 isn’t using an Intel chip). For now, I’d suggest just using colab or a cloud environment until the M1 numerics situation is fixed by the broader community

CC @peastman who might know more possibly