DeepChem Minutes 4/7/2022

DeepChem Minutes

India/Asia/Pacific Call

Date: April 7th, 2022

Attendees: Bharath,


Bharath has been primarily working with students this week.

No one else joined in so Bharath ended the call early.

Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East

Date: April 1st, 2022

Attendees: Bharath, Tony, Jose, Aryan, Stanley, Abishey


Bharath gave the same update as at the previous meeting.

Tony has been working on a featurizer for bio sequences and aims to have a pull request up shortly.

Jose has been working on his GSoC proposal and has made some edits.

Aryan has been working on his GSoC proposal and has been working to understand chemprop.

Stanley gave a talk covering DeepChem and other projects to a DeSci meetup. Stanley has also been exploring protein BERT.

Abhishek has two students he has been working with GSoC.

Joining the DeepChem Developer Calls

As a quick reminder to anyone reading along, the DeepChem developer calls are open to the public! If you’re interested in attending either or both of the calls, please send an email to, where X=bharath, Y=ramsundar.