DeepChem Minutes 4/1/2021

DeepChem Minutes

India/Asia/Pacific Call

Date: March 25th, 2021
Attendees: Bharath, Peter, Ashwin, Yuanqi, Mufei, Samyak
Summary: Peter this week looked at trying to figure out why DeepChem was performing more poorly than the book claimed. It turned out to be a bug in the metrics and put up a PR. Peter is also working on a new PR to make the github actions not stop if one test fails.

Mufei this week put up a PR 2462 for fixing the logarithmic transform of labels for HPPB and Clearance datasets.

Yuanqi has been busy preparing for other tasks and doesn’t have much to report.

Ashwin has also been busy with other work this week and mostly working on GSoC.

Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East

India/Asia/Pacific Call

Date: March 19th, 2021
Attendees: Bharath, Andrea, Stanley, Vignesh, Seyone
Summary: Bharath gave the same update as he did in the previous meeting.

Stanley has been coordinating with Vignesh on a proposal for GSoC on hyperparameter optimization.

Vignesh has been working on his proposal most of the last week. Vignesh asked about the new policy to make sure there aren’t conflicts between student GSoC proposals.

Andrea this last week has gone through the Jupyter notebook tutorials. Andrea was working with the data loaders and MoleculeNet. Andrea is working on evaluating DeepChem for use at his company and asked if he could share feedback about DeepChem.

Seyone asked Bharath to take a quick look at this PR which had fallen by the wayside.

Joining the DeepChem Developer Calls

As a quick reminder to anyone reading along, the DeepChem developer calls are open to the public! If you’re interested in attending either or both of the calls, please send an email to, where X=bharath, Y=ramsundar.

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