DeepChem Minutes 2/21/2020

Date: 2/21/2020
Attendees: Bharath, Peter, Vignesh
Summary: Bharath’s fixed his laptop issues and is now back to hacking on DeepChem. He’s started hacking on cleaning up DeepChem’s tutorials and put up a few PRs (see here and here) working through and cleaning up the notebooks. Bharath plans to spend the coming week continuing to go through the tutorials and doing general cleanup.

Peter’s been continuing his work on updating to TensorFlow 2.X. He converted the PPO code to TF2.X this week and is still wrestling with the graph convolution conversion. Bharath will also take a crack at figuring out what’s going on with the graph convolutions.

Vignesh is busy with thesis work for the time being, but might be able to chip in more once his schedule lightens up in a few months.

The Open Chemistry organization (in which DeepChem is participating) has been accepted to Google summer of code. DeepChem projects for GSoC will now be accepted through Open Chemistry. Check out the ideas page for some DeepChem projects.