DeepChem Minutes 1/6/2022

DeepChem Minutes

India/Asia/Pacific Call

Date: January 6th, 2021

Attendees: Bharath, Arun, Steven, Saikat, Harsh


Steven is a first year PhD student at UIUC. Steven raised a PR ( suggesting tightening the bounds.

Saikat is also a UIUC PhD student. They are trying to look into tests which have loose bounds.

Steven and Saikat presented their project using mutant based analysis for ML codebases to catch potential bugs. Bharath mentioned that he’d be open to accepting the PR if Steven/Saikat would be able to monitor and fix any errors that come up. Steven said he’d be willing to.

Harsh is a bachelor’s student at Delhi College of Engineering who is looking to contribute to open source projects.

Arun has been working on consolidating the installation files. Arun suggested that we should pull the trigger on the release. Bharath asked about Mac OS failures and Arun said he would confirm there were no issues.

Bharath this week worked with a couple students and reviewed some PRs.

Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East

Date: January 7th, 2021

Attendees: Bharath, Tony, Sai, Abhishek


Abhishek is a research engineer at Facebook who is working with students who are interested in working on GSoC this summer and is interested in mentoring.

Bharath gave the same update as at the last meeting.

Sai is finishing up the MolGAN tutorial he was working on. He’s added a script to filter out molecules that were larger than the maximum size supported by the model and is now adding more documentation.

Tony has just put up a tutorial for hhsuite. He’s going to be working on creating a wrapper to invoke it.

Stanley is thinking through a bioinformatics tutorial.

Abhishek asked whether putting together a tutorial for pytorch lightning might be a good first starting point. Bharath agreed and suggested that we could decide on whether a formal API makes sense if one emerges from the tutorial design. Abhishek mentioned one of his students put up a PR ( fixing GPU installation instructions.

Joining the DeepChem Developer Calls

As a quick reminder to anyone reading along, the DeepChem developer calls are open to the public! If you’re interested in attending either or both of the calls, please send an email to, where X=bharath, Y=ramsundar.