DeepChem Jobs Thread

As DeepChem usage has started to increase, I’m beginning to see more people using DeepChem for jobs. I’m starting up this jobs thread for companies to post DeepChem jobs with details about how to apply for community members. I can start us off:

Company: Deep Forest Sciences
Role: DeepChem Open Source Engineer
Scale: Part-time (5-10 hrs/week)
Responsibilities: As DeepChem has grown, the maintenance burden of the project has increased considerably. I play first line of maintenance triage, but I need some help fixing issues and doing maintenance. This person would work with me to fix critical DeepChem bugs and implement improvements to our testing infrastructure. (For example, at time of writing, we have 1 critical test failure breaking the CI, a report of a mysterious installation issue from a long-time user, and a report of a mysterious error in atomic convs. I’m probably missing a few)
Pay: $25/hr
Qualifications: Ideally, you’ve already contributed to DeepChem and fixed bugs! If not, past experience with maintaining large software systems, experience with the relevant technologies and a willingness to learn are all very helpful.
How To Apply: Email me your resume and a brief description of why you’re interested at bharath@deepforestsci (add the .com)
Notes: Deep Forest Sciences is a bootstrapped company, not VC-backed, so we can’t pay silicon valley rates. However, this role would bring open source visibility and would involve a wide range of technologies (DeepChem, docker, pypi, github actions, TensorFlow, PyTorch and more), so could be an excellent part-time learning opportunity.