DeepChem Developer Call Timing Changes

As the DeepChem community has grown, we’re finding that the standard 3pm PST on Fridays meeting time is very inconvenient for attendees from India/Asia/Pacific time zones. After discussion, we’ve decided to split the developer call up into two developer calls, one at a time convenient for Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East and one at a time convenient for India/Asia/Pacific. Everyone is welcome to attend one or both developer calls. I personally plan to attend both calls every week and will produce aggregate meeting notes summarizing both calls.

For members of the community, please fill out this Google form to vote on convenient timings for the new developer calls!

Results from the poll are in! Our new timings will be as follows:

Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East: 10:30 am PST on Fridays
India/Asia/Pacific: 7:30 pm PST on Thursdays
DeepChem Office Hours: 3pm PST Fridays

7:30 pm PST on Thursdays wasn’t listed as an original timing option but emerged as a good compromise time Asia/Pacific contributors could make on last week’s developer call (minutes forthcoming).

The DeepChem office hours serve the purpose of enabling anyone who can’t make either meeting to still have a time to join in the calls. They’re intended to be more open discussion where users can ask developers questions about usage. Anyone is welcome as always!

If you’d like an invite to any of these meetings, either email me directly (, X=bharath, Y=ramsundar), respond on this thread, or DM me on gitter!