DeepChem Consulting Services

If you’re a heavy user of DeepChem in production settings and want some dedicated support for your system, my new company Deep Forest Sciences offers DeepChem consulting services. Rates will vary depending on the complexity of the work needed, but we offer discounts for academic and nonprofit users. If you are interested in DeepChem consulting through Deep Forest, please get in touch at

To clarify an important point, I will of course continue to answer questions freely here, on github, on gitter, and at the office hours. The DeepChem consulting service through Deep Forest is intended only to add a more professional support option for heavy users that need more help than I or other developers can provide for free. If there is sufficient demand for consulting services, I plan to use some of the revenue to fund developers to work on improving DeepChem itself, so I hope that this service can help make the project more sustainable and grow out our community.

If you are an individual consultant or company which also offers DeepChem consulting, please feel free to post on these forums as well. DeepChem operates as a neutral non-profit layer and all companies and users are free to build their own services on top of the code, abiding by the terms of the open source license of course :slight_smile:


AtomicAI offers data science consulting for nano- and bio-tech companies. We are happy to work with companies that are using DeepChem or interested in getting started. Feel free to contact us or reach out directly to me at

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