DeepChem 2.5.0 Release

We are excited to announce that DeepChem 2.5.0 has been released! This release of DeepChem features major improvements to DeepChem’s structure-based drug discovery support with fixes and upgrades to the atomic convolutions, rdkit-grid-featurizer, additional support for interaction fingerprints, and support for Gnina-based molecular docking. This release also features the new dc.models.LCNNModel for lattice convolutions, adds a powerful new interpretability technique for dc.modelsGraphConvModel, and adds the new atomic conformation featurizer dc.feat.AtomicConformationFeaturizer

Thanks as always to our amazing community of developers, users and well-wishers! New releases are available on pip, conda, and docker

Forgot to mention, this release upgrades us to TensorFlow 2.4.0

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